Les Préludes

“A succession of notes, sung or played, as an opening act to a piece of music”. This new range lives up to its name. It serves as a great introduction to the wines of the Vignerons des Terres Secrètes. From Pouilly-Fuissé to Mâcon Rouge and including Saint-Véran, these wines reflect everything the Burgundy region has to offer: full-bodied opulence; lightness and finesse, intensity and subtleness…

Les Sentinelles

Old vines, low yields, a long ageing process on fine lees and some wines also maturing in oak barrels – these wines are paid special attention on the vine and in the cellar, with each person involved in the process taking their time! The production process is confidential. The results are unequivocal: Les Sentinelles are amongst the great Burgundy wines – complex, elegant and finely nuanced – perfect for keeping and for serving on the best tables.

Plots and villages

Croix de Montceau, Les Cras, Les Plantés, Croix-Jarrier… these “Lieux-dits” or plots are symbolic of the intimate knowledge that the Terres Secrètes wine growers have of their land. Each parcel of land has been meticulously selected, worked and crafted to produce wine. These selections are unique; they reflect the subtle features of their “terroir” or origins.

The wines of the Côte d’Or

“Since 1957, the Nuiton-Beaunoy wine growers have been proud to hold the banner high for the values of their cooperative, a model of solidarity and authenticity. We are a group of associated
wine growers with a sense of community, passionate about our region and proud of our vines. Take a look at our website to discover our history, news and plans for the future, but above all to arouse your interest in our wines, the fruits of our labour and of our convictions.”



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