Appellation Pouilly-Fuissé
Cépage Chardonnay
Grape variety and "Terroir"

Located exclusively on the slopes, the vineyard delivers a unique vintage: Chardonnay, the noble variety of all the great white Burgundies. Extending as a belt across the southern edge of the Mâconnais, the soils offer a wide variety of substrates, mainly limestone, and many different exposures due to the extremely fragmented nature of the plots.

fresh fruit: peach pear
Spice: vanilla
Yellow gold colour
Acacia flowers
Toasted bread
Food and wine pairing

Pneumatic pressing for extra sweetness, control of fermentation temperatures, analytical monitoring of vintages, particular demands on quality: Pouilly-Fuissé is subject to a carefully monitored vinification process and a strict vintage selection process.

Soils known as “deep” (clay-marl) produce powerful, oily and full-bodied wines with a character that needs at least two years to develop. Other types of soil, which are more stony or only have a thin layer of topsoil, produce delicate, elegant and very ‘minerally’ wines with an aroma that develops sooner. It takes between three and ten years for the full potential of this dry wine to develop, with delicate aromas of white flowers and citrus, evolving towards notes of hazelnut, almond, vanilla or flint as the wine matures.
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