Available since March 2022


A daily leitmotiv in our cellar. Changing our methods of cultivation, our work in the cellar, the packaging of our wines, our economic approach... Winegrowers, cellar managers, administrative staff, sales staff, suppliers, together we have thought about how to limit our environmental impact as much as possible. Thus, we have gradually changed our habits (and yours too!). And today we want to change the codes (and certainly yours!).


Thanks to in-depth work, started 4 years ago, and new know-how, our winegrowers have transformed their vines to produce organically grown grapes, to preserve their terroir even better and thus continue to perpetuate our vineyards. As for our employees, they have cultivated their talents to imagine and design a new packaging for this unique range, 100% eco-designed.


With Cerço, we offer you exceptional wines, respectful of the beautiful appellations they represent; a collaborative approach, which has led to solutions that respect our environment; a thoughtful and virtuous approach that has involved everyone from the vine to the bottle in its carton! It is for all these reasons that we have created Cerço, the 1st range of organic* wines, 100% eco-designed and collaborative. We are sure that you will want to follow us in this unique approach...

*In conversion to organic farming until the 2022 vintage.

A range
in organic
and committed

Lightweight bottle in 78% recycled cinnamon coloured glass
Continuous label made of bio-sourced paper and printed with 2 colours of natural pigments
Removal of the overcap
Cork certified 100% French origin
Lightweight recycled kraft cardboard, reusable and compostable


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